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“The CFIC Convention provides our category teams the opportunity to meet with numerous suppliers, wholesalers and brokers over a few days. This event serves as the platform for personal time with our business partners to plan, strategize and further develop relationships. In addition, we greatly value the networking as well as social events, and look forward to the convention each year.”

“The CFIC convention is a must attend event that delivers memories and is an easy ROI justification. I doubt that there is another event in the grocery industry that provides this much access to a retailer’s leadership, scheduled one-on-one meetings with the merchandising teams, abundant opportunities for informal time with the attendees, and fun times at the beach with the family!”

“The CFIC Convention allows us to have multiple productive meetings with key vendors mid-summer which helps us to keep on track for the year on Joint Business Plans.”

“The vendor appointments this year were the most productive ones we have ever had at the CFIC Convention. Vendor attendance and participation was extremely high. The social events were very nice and provided a welcome change from the normal venues.”

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